While each program is individualized to a client's needs and progress and modified as often as needed, there are certain core protocols used for all clients. After 10 years of working with clients both in person and online, these are the methods I've found both backed by science, as well as the most sustainable and healthy for the individual:


All diets follow an IIFYM or Flexible Dieting style. So each client is provided with recommended daily protein, carb and fat intakes, however their food choices are up to them.  This way each person can choose foods which fit their palate, preference and schedule. Suggestions for meal and nutrient timing are also provided on request, but not required.

*Previous experience with IIFYM not required*


Due to the metabolic and hormonal effects of chronic dependence on cardio, the goal is to keep cardio as minimal as possible at all times. A mix of both high and moderate intensity cardio is utilized, however for most clients, the bulk of time in the gym is focused on weight training. 


Weight training programming is the core focus of most clients' workouts (with the exception of endurance athletes, and those rehabilitating injuries).  Programming is based upon the individual's schedule, comfort level, and goals in the gym. Being that all rep ranges have their benefit, the goal is to use a range of training styles and rep ranges over a client's commitment. 

The volume and exercise of a given program are modified according to each person's goals and experience level in the gym. Programs lay out exercises, rep ranges, and sets for each day, as well as any pertinent info about weight selection and rest periods.

*Some basic weight training experience is recommended*

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