DIRTY HALF DOZEN CHALLENGE (Thanksgiving  - New Years Day)

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, travel, and family outings, there is SO much to potentially derail us and tempt us in the last weeks of the year.  It can be hard to know when to indulge, and when to put our goals first.  My intention with this challenge group is to simply keep ourselves accountable, go into 2017 without regrets, but still enjoying time with family without excessive restrictions.  So the goal is not weight loss, but rather weight maintenance through those dirty half dozen weeks of the year.


Challengers will also be asked to actively participate in the private Facebook Group to engage with and encourage fellow challengers, as well as occasional social media activities and daily or weekly post challenges.  Those who are active in the group, engaged, and show passion and excitement for their fitness and goals throughout the 6 weeks will earn points and consideration for the grand prize.


While the emphasis and the bulk of winning points will be awarded by weight and conditioning start to finish, this is not the only means of judgement.


Of course it’s a great bonus if you also happen to lose weight during this time, but this is not the emphasis of this particular challenge, and doesn’t guarantee winning.  What I’m looking for are those who are not obsessively counting every calorie and in the gym rather than with their family.  I’m looking for individuals who are striking a healthy balance between both their fitness goals, and spending time with loved ones.  A person leading by example and enjoying the best of both worlds.



Do I have to be the EXACT same weight start to finish? 

Absolutely not, this would be neither fair nor realistic.  Even if we follow the same diet, training and routine every day, we all see some amount of fluctuation over any given week.  There is a +/- 1.5lb range from your starting weight.   



 Do I have to diet or follow a meal plan?

Not at all.  This challenge is self-guided.  So you're free to follow any diet, meal plan or eating habits you prefer.  Over the course of the challenge I'll be sharing both beginner and intermediate level articles and info about diet.  Some may choose to implement this input during the challenge, others may opt to use it going after New Year’s resolutions, or not at all.  


Do I have to follow a workout plan or cardio?

Not at all.  Just as with diet, any training or cardio you do over the six weeks is up to you.  I will also be sharing training related articles and info over the course of the challenge, however you are not obligated or expected to follow this. 


How do the training prizes and discounts work?

These prizes and discounts only apply to programming under Katie Wilson Fitness for one-on-one online training.  Offer does not apply to 1st Phorm website or other training specials. Please note there is no association or discount with Team Wilson Bodybuilding or contest prep plans (which I do not offer).  Winners and participants must claim and start programming by April 1st 2016. 


Participants must complete both the first and final check in's to qualify for any prize or discount. 


Am I required to sign up for training or use the discount afterward? 

Absolutely not.  In fact several of those participating are actually former clients of mine or colleagues who handle their own training who are just looking for a little extra accountability this season.  The discount is only meant to be a bonus and incentive for those who wish to get a little extra help with their weight loss or goals in 2017.




  • 3 months of all-inclusive, personalized, online training (A $450 value)

  • Two 1st Phorm Items of your choice ( Bundles & Stacks not included ) 2

  • …oh and the satisfaction of starting 2017 off without having lost all of 2016’s hard work!



  • Any two 1st Phorm Items of your choice (Bundles & Stacks not included) 2

  • $100 Discount on any training program of 3 months or longer 3


  • All remaining participants will receive eligibility for $50 off training with me.


All participants must join the private Facebook Group page.


Limited to a maximum of 25 people.


Can be located in any country.


All participants must enter and submit starting pics by end of day, November 20th.


All participants must send final pics by end of day, Jan 2nd.


Winner to be announced by or on January 5th.


Sorry – current, active clients of mine are not eligible for this particular event. 


1If the winner is not able to utilize my services and training due to health concerns or specialized needs, they will still receive the 1st Phorm prize, however the training package will instead go to the runner up.


1Grand prize training package must be started by January 31st, otherwise winner forfeits to the runner up.


2Must live in the USA in order to be eligible for 1st Phorm prize. Otherwise winner forfeits this portion of the prize to the runner up.


3Participants must begin training services by March 30th, 2017.   To be discounted from a minimum 3 month commitment. Cannot be applied to other family members or friends.


3An application and interview will still be required both to gather necessary information to put together your plan, as well as ensure you are in good health and position in which to start a program.

As of 11/7 only 5 spots remain for men. (No spots remain for women and/or former clients).

Fill out the form below to reserve one of those spots.

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