All programs include diet, training, and cardio programming at a flat monthly rate. This way you can be sure that all components are working together cohesively towards your goals. Every client's program is also personalized and tailored to their goals, needs and experience level as needed.


For more information on both the services offered, as well as some of the basic protocols I utilize for diet and training, please make sure to check out the Services page.

Please note  that I do not offer contest prep services. Nor will I work with women sooner than 8-10 weeks post partum (as training is NOT advised any earlier).




You may be in a rush or excited to get started as soon as possible or jump the line at peak times to secure a spot. But knowing what your current diet habits and calorie intake is up front tells me the most important info I need. It's also important that this info is as accurate and precise as possible, not just a rough guesstimation or recount. By taking the time to do this before you apply, you expedite the application process and my ability to make more accurate recommendations and goals for you.


Applications without accurate diet information will be delayed until this information is sent along to me. This data is far too important for us to not include.

Before applying, you will first need to download some kind of calorie/macro tracking app and keep track of your current eating habits for 5-7 days. [I recommend MyFitnessPal, or MyMacros]  DO NOT change your current food or portion habits on these days. The more accurate and consistent these days are to your recent habits, the better. Remember this is only a means of gathering data, not a test to pass or fail. In fact, more often than not clients are surprised at the amount of calories and food choice I recommend. So do not intentionally change your habits.

If you are already tracking your meals/food with an app or other method, proceed to Step 2, and include that information within the application where requested. Keep in mind, however, I will need a minimum of 4 days, 1 of which must be a weekend, and those days should be at least 95% completely logged. A week is more ideal.


Once you have tracked your eating for at least 5 days, go ahead fill out the application form below.  You will find it a bit lengthy, however this allows me to ensure nothing is overlooked and I gather all the info I need to make informed recommendations for your goals and health. Please keep answers simple, in complete sentences, and as organized as possible. 

My priority is always to respond to my current clients first, followed by applications. So please understand that there may be a 24-36 hour wait time for an initial response. In addition, I will likely have followup questions in the days following, so when I have openings, expect at least a week between applying and having startup materials sent over. Rushing to starting even a few days too fast can overlook important data that costs you weeks down the line. Do not rush this early part of the process.


Scroll down to begin the application. Please email only if you have issues with this form. Other forms of application will not be considered. If you are a returning client who has been away for longer than 6 months, please still use the full application form.

You may also email to with other questions or supplemental application information


All information is required unless otherwise stated. Everything submitted is shared only with you and myself, progress pictures will never be posted publicly without a client's express permission. Failure to include relevant health or injury info will result in termination or refusal of services. So make sure to include all current health information, even if it may not seem relevant to your goals.

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