Once you have tracked your eating for at least 5 days, go ahead and download the current application.  You will find it a bit lengthy, however this allows me to ensure nothing is overlooked and I gather all the info I need to make informed recommendations for your goals and health. Please keep answers simple, in complete sentences, and as organized as possible. 

Please note that at peak times of the year I may receive many applications or inquiries in a single day. My priority is always to respond to my current clients first, followed by applications. So please understand that there may be a 24-36 hour wait time for an initial response. In addition, I will likely have followup questions in the days following, so when I have openings, expect at least a week between applying and having startup materials sent over.


Applications will always be handled in the order in which they are received, and openings given to those I feel I am the best fit for. 

Once completed, email to:

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